New Horizon Project Production Music Library


Full collection available for licensing made of 100 production-music tracks divided in 5 volumes containing more than 500 additional items including short clips, loops, stems.
Every Single Volume contained in this library has been designed and produced for specific needs in terms of environment and atmosphere, and particularly as follows:

  • Black Volume: Dark/Suspense/Crime/Sci-Fi/Future
  • Blue Volume: Magical/Weird/Mystical/Evocative/Ethnical
  • Purple Volume: Fashion/Lifestyle/Sexy/Urban/Discovery
  • Red Volume: Action/Sport/Aggressive/Epic/Adventure
  • Yellow Volume: Gentle/Light/Romantic/Drama/Comedy

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Volumes: 5
Full tracks: 100
Additional Items: 500+ short clips (15/30/60 seconds extracts), loops, stems.
Audio format: high quality WAV, MP3, Stereo 44.100 Hz – 16 bit
File size: 6.61 GB
Attached documents: License agreement (Basic or Premium), tracklist/items description board, cue sheetLicense Type: Basic/Premium


Other Information

  • You can edit, modify, manipulate or alter the items contained in the library, setting fade points, set start and end points, use additional items (15”, 30”, 60” short clips/loops/stems if available or create more by yourself), use only a specific portion, stretch, add lyrics and combine it with other works in a way that does not prejudice the moral rights of New Horizon Project.
  • Use it, in whole or in part, as an element of a new musical work in a way that New Horizon Project copyrights can be claimed in the resulting music track.
  • When you buy our products you will immediately receive the download link and your order number on the email you provided during the purchase. You will then be allowed to download and use the products you purchased. Within 5 working days you will also receive the License Agreement filled with your data and license number as well as the invoice.
  • When downloading the library (or single volumes) you will get audio-files in high quality (WAV format), MP3 files and related documents (e.g. tracklist/items description board; Cue Sheet Form).
  • After buying your license, New Horizon Project cannot refund you. New Horizon Project make all possible efforts constantly checking the online library availability. However, after downloading the library, if you notice that one or more files are not correctly functioning, you can contact New Horizon Project in order to solve the issues.
  • New Horizon Project licenses apply only to “New Horizon Project Production Music Library” (single volumes/full collection); we don’t sell licenses for single tracks/items contained in the library.
  • The License agreement applies only to the items contained in the product you have purchased and downloaded. You cannot use any other item that is not contained in the products you have purchased.
  • Other contents like music/videos/pictures on New Horizon Project website that are not parts of New Horizon Project Production Music Library’s tracklist cannot be considered part of this license agreement. If you want to synchronize New Horizon Project music that is elsewhere not included in the Production Music Library (full/single volumes) you can contact us through the contact form on our website.
  • New Horizon Project recommends to pay attention when filling your personal data information in order to let us fully recognize the Licensee. If your data result to be unreliable, New Horizon Project will automatically consider the person associated to the credit card used during the purchase as the Licensee, therefore the license number will be associated with his/her name. If you see any typo/mistake in your personal data after purchasing don’t panic, contact us and we will solve the problem.
  • Our music is registered at SoundReef Ltd. and it is not royalty-free but, unlike the majority of music marketplaces we guarantee that our authorship and quality apply to every item contained in the library. Although very few limitations of use apply during the availability of the license, we recommend you to be fair in correctly fill in and send us the Cue Sheet whenever you synchronize/use elements of the library for commercial use. Contact us for any enquire in regards of the Cue Sheet.
  • Your purchases on are safely managed by third parties like Stripe/PayPal. As soon as your transaction has been processed, you will receive an email to the email address you have provided containing the download link, your license number, and other documents and information related to the library.

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Basic, Premium


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